1. Submitted to Journal当上传结束后,显示的状态是Submitted to Journal,这个状态是自然形成的无需处理。

2. With editor如果在投稿的时候没有要求选择编辑,就先到主编那,主编会分派给别的编辑。这当中就会有另两个状态:

3. Editor assigned

4. Editor Declined Invitation




1. Canadian Geotechnical Journal   加拿大岩土工程学报

1963年开始出版,世界上发行量最大的三家岩土工程学术期刊之一,以刊登有关基础、隧道、水坝、边坡问题精彩文章及相关学科的新技术、新发展而闻名 月刊 SCI期刊 ISSN : 1208-6010

主编:Dr. Ian Moore, Queen’s University


Published since 1963, this monthly journal features articles, notes, and discussions related to new developments in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering, and applied sciences. The topics of papers written by researchers, theoreticians, and engineers/scientists active in industry include soil and rock mechanics, material properties and fundamental behaviour, site characterization, foundations, excavations, tunnels, dams and embankments, slopes, landslides, geological and rock engineering, ground improvement, hydrogeology and contaminant hydrogeology, geochemistry, waste management, geosynthetics, offshore engineering, ice, frozen ground and northern engineering, risk and reliability applications, and physical and numerical modelling. Papers on actual case records from practice are encouraged and frequently featured.

2. Geotechnical Engineering, Proceedings of ICE 岩土工程


英国土木工程师协会(ICE)主办,集中了岩土工程实践中的所有方面内容,包括工程实例、工程设计讨论、计算机辅助设计等 SCI期刊 双月刊  影响因子(2006): 0.286 ISSN 1353-2618 (Print) ISSN 1751-8563 (Online)

Geotechnical Engineering covers all aspects of geotechnical engineering including tunnelling, foundations, retaining walls, embankments, diaphragm walls, piling, subsidence, soil mechanics and geoenvironmental engineering. Presented in the form of reports, design discussions, methodologies and case records it forms an invaluable reference work, highlighting projects which are interesting and innovative.

Geotechnical Engineering publishes six issues per year.

3. Géotechnique, Proceedings of ICE  土工

国际著名的有关土力学、岩石力学、工程地质、环境岩土工程的岩土技术期刊,每期只刊登几篇文章,都是鸿篇巨著。英文版或法文版。 SCI 期刊 影响因子 Impact factor (2005): 1.203

Established for almost 60 years, Géotechnique is ICE’s world-leading geotechnics journal, publishing the cream of the international community’s output on all aspects of geotechnical engineering

Subject coverage: Géotechnique provides access to rigorously refereed, current, innovative and authoritative research and practical papers, across the fields of soil and rock mechanics, engineering geology and environmental geotechnics.

Géotechnique is published ten times per year: February–June, August–December.

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